When paired and you may demonstrated while the part-to-part, triangles depict sexual connection as well as the concept from harmony

The point-off triangle is show girls time, and you will liquid and you may planet are women points. Signs having sky and you can flames is molded away from point-down triangles; point-down triangles is also represent the fresh lineage into the bodily community.


The new cross is the best identified in its Religious framework because the a good symbol regarding sacrifice and salvation speaking about Jesus’ death by crucifixion. Brand new cross has many other religious definitions, many of which reflect categories of four, comparable to the brand new four affairs on the cross.

Crosses commonly show the earth and actual market, particularly in West society, generally away from one or two connections: the fresh new four actual elements (planet, liquid, sky, and you can flames) plus the five cardinal tips (north, southern area, eastern, and west). The fresh astrological icon to possess World is a cross inside a group. That it symbol, known as a sunshine get across or solar power wheel, has been associated with the sunrays and its particular four year.


Pythagoras related the brand new rectangular with the number 4, and that matter in many cultures is normally with the situation things-physical aspects, compass directions, and you will season. Ergo, squares and you may crosses are put given that icons of the point industry. Although not, squares has visual solidness one crosses lack. A square has frequency; it contains area.

Squares portray solidity, an excellence that’s fixed, dependable, earthly and topic. Inside the Hinduism, this new square means cosmic order as well as the balance from opposites; inside the Local American religions, the newest rectangular represents permanence, a safe place. In Chinese symbolization, the square means the world. In lot of of several countries, a rectangular is a meeting put, a shopping mall in the centre out-of a neighborhood.


The 5-directed star, named a good pentagram, has been used for millennia by numerous countries. Five-directed a-listers are located when you look at eharmony the Mesopotamia about next millennium BCE; famous people are used from inside the conmad mentioned that the fresh celebrity represented “our smiling guarantee, the good thing about aim and you may object, therefore the white your religion into the Goodness.”

Extremely uses in West society descend out-of occult lifestyle, along with Wicca, the newest pentagram was a symbol of coverage and you may warning, while in Satanism it is short for the fresh new Goat. Pythagoras relevant the amount 5 toward celebrity; this new Mah Jong tiles noted a good five-indicated superstar represents the amount 6.

So you can Pythagoras, a beneficial five-indicated star illustrated the 5 facets that define human beings: fire, liquid, air, earth, and spirit. The fresh new pentagram is also the official symbol of Baha’i believe.

Heptagram /

Seven-indicated famous people have been called heptagrams or s; the new serious heptagram, revealed here, and the obtuse heptagram. In addition, the newest heptagon-a good eight-sided polygon-can portray the same anything because heptagrams.

Brand new ancient world recognized just eight “planets” except that Planet: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and also the moon and you may sun. Uranus, Neptune, and you will Pluto aren’t visible to the new naked eye which means not familiar. The newest heptagram commonly shows these 7 planets, plus west occultism, expertise were tend to based upon astrological correspondences of those 7 circumstances. It actually was considered that for every single planet radiated specific affects. Understanding those has an effect on ‘s the arena of astrology.

As the worlds are illustrated just as regarding heptagram, new symbol are going to be off-balance, equally symbolizing this new 7 higher powers out of planetary secret.

Seven brings together combining the fresh new numbers 3 (spirituality, referring to the newest Christian trinity) and you will 4 (physicality, talking about the latest five aspects in addition to five cardinal instructions), which can and additionally represent common harmony.

The newest orientation of one’s eight-section initiate is also essential in the fresh new occult globe. Three products more than five can be represent spirit governing number, when you are five things more than about three is going to be physicality ruling spirit.

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