There are quite a few tourist attractions and outdoor activites, where you can quickly get hot and sexy girls

  • Tecelagem O Lino weaving & Traditional crafts: Most of the Portuguese women love art and craftwork of blankets and rugs. Visit here, and you will find many of them coming in a large group.


It is not mandatory that you will only get hot girls in nightclubs, pubs, bars, and shopping malls. All you have to do is to visit these places and enjoy them more than enjoying a nightclub. You might not get any sexy girl in the first attempt, but keep trying, and you will definitely get them. These are some of the famous places in Azores where you will get high chances of meeting these girls:

  • Museu Carlos Machado: A museum of most beautiful Portuguese arts built by the famous architect of Portugal named Carlos Machado. The artistic works which you will get here are fabulous and are loved by tourists all over the world. But, if you are visiting there to meet sexy girls, you will get them, but most of them like art. If your choices match with them, you can surely make friends and go on a coffee date.
  • Furnas Lake: This is a lake where you would definitely meet hot girls and have the best romantic moments with them. They will give you the best pleasure and make sure that you are enjoying valuable time with them. Whoever visits this lake captures its best memories and recommends it to everyone.
  • Mount Pico: There is not a single tourist who missed this place during their trip to Azores. You will get an astounding feeling to see most of the foreign women visiting here.

Universities and Colleges

Azores is on its way to come up with the best universities and colleges. Earlier there were only prominent universities, but now new colleges are there which gives the best direction to every foreigner. The best universities and colleges of Azores are:

  • University of the AzoresPolytechnic Institute of Santarem
  • University of Algarve
  • University of Aveiro

You will find girls from different cities of Portugal, and they are mostly fun-loving. Just start with a typical introduction and teach them a few English skills if they do not know the language. But, if they are familiar with the language, then talk to them about the islands in Azores.


When it comes to relationships, women in Azores take a lot of time to think. The simple reason is that it can lead to marriage and a lot of things after that. If you are taking someone as your one-night stand mate, then never expect any relationship. In other words, every Portuguese girl is smart enough and knows when to get involved in a relationship.

It is not done yet, there are few girls who are well-mannered and are finding the right guy for a relationship. If you are looking for a real relationship with them, be smart enough, and have a strong character. People with weaker personalities could not impress any girl. It does not mean that you have to be overconfident and go beyond every limit.

Just talking to them, smiling, and taking them for dinner would not work as they look for the best men. In other words, you have to prove to them why they need to develop an interest in you. Now after knowing this, you will wonder how to do it? Make sure you are not doing anything sleazy the first time you meet them, let them see you as a gentleman and a decent person who has enough confidence to win her heart,

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