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Justice Antonio Carpio opines that the impact of the majority Decision is the absolute prevention of the investigation of the Arroyo administration.2 I agree with his assessment, especially contemplating the further views on the matter expressed individually by Chief Justice Corona and Justices de Castro, Brion, Peralta, Bersamin, and Perez. In my view, the Decision and the separate concurring opinions manifest the "backlash effect" wherein movements to achieve social justice and a extra equitable distribution of powers are met with opposition from the dominant group. These petitioners are wielding the backlash whip by way of the Petitions. In bending over backwards to accommodate the Petitions, particularly on equal safety claims which Petitioners could not properly increase, this Court is wittingly or unwittingly compromising necessary constitutional rules and rendering the trail to a genuinely robust democratic Philippines harder.

The end result, unavoidably, is a qualitative change in the felony justice system that is based mostly, not on a legislative policy change, however on an executive fiat. The EO and its truth-telling function should even be struck down as they distort the constitutional and statutory plan of the legal justice system without the authority of law and with an unconstitutional impression on the system. Otherwise said, the Commission’s publicly introduced conclusions cannot however assume the appearance of truth as soon as they penetrate and effectively color the public’s perception, by way of repetition without significant contradiction as official government findings. These conclusions thus graduate to the extent of "fact" in self-fulfillment of the name the Commission bears; the subtle manipulation of the Commission’s name and features, fades within the background or simply turns into explainable incidents that can’t defeat the accepted fact. At this point within the political improvement of the nation, the public is already a very critical viewers who can examine announced results and might type its personal conclusions concerning the culpability or innocence of the investigated persons, regardless of what conclusions investigative commissions could arrive at.

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In such a case, any member of Congress can have a resort to the courts. No. 1 does not usurp the power of Congress to applicable funds because there isn’t a appropriation but a mere allocation of funds already appropriated by Congress. Thus, their major objectives vary from retribution to reconciliation.

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It is believed that they got here from China and arrived long before the Spanish colonizers got here to this region. The Igorots are a bunch of people that reside in Northern Luzon. Their culture and their historical past date again many centuries. To the purpose, we look at the definition of an govt order and the articulated function of E.O. First, because Executive Order No. 1 passes the rational basis check.

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Though the law itself be fair on its face and neutral in appearance, yet, if utilized and administered by public authority with an evil eye and an unequal hand, so as virtually to make unjust and unlawful discriminations between persons in similar circumstances, material to their rights, the denial of equal justice continues to be within the prohibition of the constitution. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due means of regulation, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the legal guidelines. Finally, nowhere in Executive Order No. 1 can it be inferred that the findings of the PTC are to be accorded conclusiveness. Much like its predecessors, the Davide Commission, the Feliciano Commission and the Zenarosa Commission, its findings would, at greatest, be recommendatory in nature. And being so, the Ombudsman and the DOJ have a wider degree of latitude to resolve whether or not or to not reject the recommendation.

  • The word "pikpik" means "to beat "; this term refers to how this dish is prepared.
  • It has main jurisdiction over circumstances cognizable by the Sandiganbayan and, within the exercise of its main jurisdiction, it may take over, at any stage, from any investigatory company of presidency, the investigation of such circumstances.

A weak and watered down view would name for the abdication of this Court’s solemn responsibility to strike down any law repugnant to the Constitution and the rights it enshrines. This is true whether the actor committing the unconstitutional act is a non-public particular person or the federal government itself or one of its instrumentalities. Oppressive acts shall be struck down whatever the character or nature of the actor. In the current case, as shown by the previously cited grounds for the EO’s invalidity, EO No. 1 infringes the non-public due course of rights of the investigated persons, as nicely as their constitutional right to a good trial.

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