Clark have observed that Lana’s nostrils wrinkled up when she gets major, that he mentions getting beautiful

Decades later on Lana is situated in Africa safeguarding neighborhood communities from African warlords, functioning as a vigilante called the “Angel for the Plateau”. Around, she manages to lose the lady superhuman influence after an altercation with John Corben where the guy soaks up the woman Kryptonite-infused nanites. Despite, she continues doing philanthropic are employed in Africa, and sometimes works as a Watchtower circle agent underneath the rule term “Valkyrie”.


Lana is actually a beautiful woman with dark colored locks (of which got red features during her elderly seasons of high school), hazel sight (famous brands which in fact had come complimented on many days) and a slim frame. The woman is more or less 5’4″. During the lady college many years, Lana had been known for getting the prettiest lady; she was even voted “most more likely a cover girl” inside her high-school yearbook.

For the show, it actually was recommended that she resembled the girl mommy. It had been later uncovered that she got of parts French lineage from her moms side.

In senior high school, she usually dressed in garments that was youthful and colourful. As she inserted her elder 12 months, this lady garments be much more streamlined and cool and was actually typically associated with accessories. While she ended up being operating the Isis basis Lana going dressed in reading sunglasses and outfitted like a classy businesswoman. An adult Lana continued to dress much more gracefully and elegantly than previously, while still dressed in denim jeans and sleek surfaces on occasion. She later on slashed this lady tresses, as well as they increased out in curls. The woman tresses also provided bangs, of side-swept or very long sideways.

During Africa, Lana begins to outfit very simply with long-sleeved blouses and trousers. She also wears longer scarves covering nearly all of the lady face to pay for her identification while acting as a vigilante. The color of her clothes is generally bluish and purple like Superman’s fit.


The loss of the woman mothers whenever she was three got really influential in creating Lana’s identity. Despite the fact that the woman aunt elevated and looked after the lady, Lana has actually felt like an abandoned orphan the lady entire life and idolizes this lady lifeless moms and dads. She usually says that she feels separated and out-of-place and longs for leaving Smallville permanently for anything most. Not surprisingly, Lana created a track record if you are a sweet female aˆ“ nice, compassionate, including desperate to assist other individuals by volunteering at Smallville Retirement heart, and working the school blooddrive. She discovered herself without the parents before she graduated from high school. With no one to rely on but herself, Lana can also be quite powered to follow the lady aim. She effectively managed the Talon cafe as a top college student and lived alone during the woman senior seasons.

Lana was first classified since gullible “girl across the street” archetype, usually requiring the facts thereby thinking whatever lays are informed to the lady, with placed their and Clark’s union into difficulty more than once.

Lana got self-protection classes, but appears to always select herself in threatening problems, the need to be rescued. She once claimed that she always sensed she’d perish younger. Being assaulted multiple times by meteor freaks, she became important of metahumans and aliens: at the beginning of their unique partnership, Lana and Lex became near over their own contributed opinion that humans must be shielded from dangerous aliens and metahumans. Clark relatively acquired on Lana’s viewpoint also it ended up being element of their reluctance to trust the woman together with key: not surprisingly, Clark try convinced that these include meant to be with each other. Besides, it’s revealed in Phantom that the girl emotions for Clark surpass the woman concern about super-powered beings, along with she immediately acknowledged the fact he was in fact an alien and not a meteor freak as she herself (and Chloe before this lady) originally thought. Because Lex’s inhumane treatments for superpowered beings in the Level 33.1 and task Ares tests, Lana’s disdain for metahumans and other superpowered beings keeps minimized quite a bit and she produced the Isis Foundation to offer psychological service towards meteor-infected that assist them lead a standard existence.

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